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I have an INTP personality (Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiving). This means that I live in my head and have very complex, deep thoughts that I never share.


Shanghai cityscape

German photographeJens Fersterra took some amazing photos in Shanghai recently.


Let us all do this tomorrow! Send us your pictures!

UK-writer and illustrator October Jones regularly spices up his monotonous commute with these funny little drawings that playfully replace fellow commuters’ heads with cartoon characters. Over the past few years, Jones has continued to post these entertaining combinations to his Twitter account whenever he was bored on the train.

Rather than hating his Monday morning or getting getting super irritated by the annoying guy who whistles on a public train, Jones uses his imagination to entertain himself and all of his Twitter followers. He is great at matching the person’s outfit and pose with a perfectly placed Hellboy or Pringles guy. When he posts each photo, he pairs the simple doodle with a funny tweet and the final results change an otherwise dull train ride into an amusing anecdote.

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